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Liver biopsy

This is not usually needed unless there is a problem with the liver and in this circumstance it occurs usually with a general anaesthetic and a needle is passed into the right side of the abdomen just above the edge of a the rib cage and a small core of liver tissue, approximately 1-2cm in length and 1mm wide is removed. This will be in conjunction with a general anaesthetic and also installation of a local anaesthetic on the area so that when the child wakes up there is no significant discomfort experienced. It would be necessary to keep your child in hospital overnight in order to observe them as very occasionally a blood vessel can be punctured and this may cause bleeding.

A blood count will be taken the next day to ensure that no significant blood less has occurred. Very, very occasionally the lung lining can be pierced causing what is called a pnuemo-thorax which is a recognised complication, albeit very rare, and this may cause breathing problems. Puncture of the gall bladder has been reported but is extremely rare.

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