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As a guide formulas are reconstituted 1 fluid oz water plus 1 scoop of powder. 3 fluid oz of water plus 3 scoops = approximately 100mls.

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Specialised Formulas
  • Lactose intolerance – Enfamil Lactofree, SMA LF, Glucose polymer, Galactomin17 (also for Galactosaemia) and Galctomin 19 also
  • Extensively hydrolysed formulas – Nutramigen, Pepti-junior, Pregestamil, Peptite and MCP Peptite
  • Elemental Feeds – Neocate
  • Soya Feeds (not recommended for cow’s milk protein intolerance) – Infasoy, SMA Wysoy, Isomil, Prosobee, Farley’s soya formula,
  • Fat malabsorbtion, liver disease, pancreatic dysfunction – Caprilon,
  • Multiple malabsorption short bowel syndrome – comminuted chicken meat
Normal milks

Breast feeding is the ideal in all circumstances but changes in maternal diet may be required in circumstances of cow’s milk protein and also protein intolerance in the infant because small amounts of whatever the mother eats finds its way into breast milk. Weaning is now proposed at 4 months of age, rather than previously at 6 months of age exclusive breast feeding.

Normal formulas are not dealt with in this section as they are not therapeutic for any particular reason and are merely constituted to create as close to as possible breast feeding.

Oral feeds are complete excepted comminuted chicken meat which is not designed to be a complete feed and requires the addition of fat, carbohydrate, vitamin and minerals. Oral feeds are available on prescription only.

Certain older children will require a special diet, such as those with Crohn’s disease in which case we may use exclusively with no food for 8 weeks followed by a graded reintroduction with a Paediatric Dietitian. The preparation such as Modulen IBD (Nestle) which is a casein whole protein based fully nutritional feed which can be taken orally or via nasogastric food, and an elemental food – Elemental 028 (SHS International) and details of these can be found on the relevant websites.

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