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Please see the videos below which should answer most of your questions.

Essentially, once you have spoken to my Practice Manager, Kate, and organised a time for the outpatient clinic appointment, please arrive approximately 10-15 minutes beforehand so that your child can have weight and height performed by the nursing staff and we can fill out the necessary paperwork. We will endeavour to see you on time and you will then have as much time as you require to answer all the questions and to have the evaluation of the problem fully sorted with a plan in place. If there are any investigations, generally these will be done on the same day, and I would direct you to our investigation page of this website. Equally, if there are any other people that I need you to see, such as Dietitians or Speech & Language Feeding Therapists or Psychologists, then these will be arranged to occur as quickly as possible but probably on a separate day.

Any inpatient or day case admissions for endoscopy would be organised by Kate and she is well versed in all the logistical arrangements. She will be able to help you with any questions you might have regarding insurance companies etc. The vast majority of admissions are as day case procedures and these would be electively planned around your schedules. Endoscopies occur on a Wednesday morning and any bowel preparation would be prescribed in the outpatient clinic. Instructions on how and when to give these will be given by Kate to you along with all the logistical issues that you will need to know in terms of starving etc.

You will meet with Dr Lloyd-Thomas the Paediatric Anaesthetist, and myself, on the day and I will be able to feedback to you straight after the endoscopy about any abnormalities that have been found and then a plan for a follow up visit will be made.

You are very welcome to call us at any point to discuss any of the issues that you are not clear about either preceding the outpatient appointment or hospital admission or subsequently.

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